Convocation and Reunions 2014

Welcome to ConvocationPlease join us on the Quad this fall as we come together  to celebrate Convocation and Reunions 2014. This will be the perfect time to reconnect with old friends, get acquainted with current students, and to hear from several of Yale Divinity School’s outstanding and beloved faculty members.

The celebration will feature moving worship services in Marquand Chapel, special performances, timely panel discussions about values and vocations, and the historic Beecher Lectures. In addition to our reunion class gatherings and dinner, there will be community lunches and an alumni awards presentation and dinner, where we will honor our own.

Thank you in advance for putting 2014 Convocation and Reunions on your calendars now and planning to join us. You’ll be happy you did!

Convocation & Reunions 2014


Check this page often for updates on programming and registration! 


Historic Beecher lectures, faculty talks, timely panels, and much more.

Classes celebrating reunions include:
1954 – 60th
1959 – 55th 
1964 – 50th
1973, 1974, 1975 Cluster Reunion
1989 – 25th
1993, 1994, 1995 Cluster Reunion
2008, 2009, 2010 Cluster Reunion
2011 – 2013 Recent Grads

If you’d like to be involved in planning your class reunion, please e-mail

Who's Attending?

Amalie Ash '10 M.Div.

Matt Banks '01 M.A.R.

Janet Barriger '94 M.Div.

William Bell '07 M.Div.

James Boline '94 S.T.M.

April Bradley '96 M.A.R.

Caroline Brennan '94 M.A.R.

Patrick Burrows '14 M.Div.

Beverly Croskery

Robert Croskery '59 M.Div.

R. Randy Day '72 M.Div.

Thomas Ferguson '94 M.Div.

Ginger Gaines-Cirelli '96 M.Div.

Dahn Dean Gandell '95 M.Div.

Thomas Ficklin '75 M.Div.

Brooke Girley '14 M.A.R.

Anthony Gray '04 M.A.R.

Ted Halsted '56 M.Div.

Eva Hodgson '61 M.A.T.

Peter Hodgson '59 B.D., '60 M.A., '63 Ph.D.

Steven Huber '98 M.Div.

Bonnie Jelinek '69 M.A.R.

Mary Johnstone '89 M.A.R.

Mary Keenan '94 M.Div.

Nancy Jo Kemper '67 B.D.

Marilyn Kendrix '13 M.Div.

Gracie Killman '13 M.Div.

Mary Latela '94 M.Div.

Jo Leslie

David Lyall '64 S.T.M.

Bert Marshall '97 M.Div.

David Maxwell '87 M.Div.

Jeffrey Oak '85 M.Div., '86 S.T.M., '93 M.A.
'95 M.Phil, '96 Ph.D.

Susan Pfeil '94 M.Div., '02 S.T.M.

Rich Reifsnyder '71 M.Div.

Barrie Shepherd '64 B.D., '65 M.A.

Peter Sinclair

Beth Spaulding '93 M.Div.

Michael B. Stevens '61 B.A., '64 B.D.

Eric Stroshine '90 M.Div.

Kathleen (Kit) Wang '84 M.Div.

Christopher Washnock '14 M.A.R.

Philip Wiehe '75 M.Div., '76 S.T.M.

Charles Wildman '70 B.D.

Anisa Willis '95 M.Div.

Jean Wood '64 M.A.R.


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