Convocation and Reunions 2015

Welcome to Convocation

Please join us on the Quad this fall as we come together  to celebrate Convocation and Reunions 2015. This will be the perfect time to reconnect with old friends, get acquainted with current students, and to hear from several of Yale Divinity School’s outstanding and beloved faculty members.

The celebration will feature moving worship services in Marquand Chapel, special performances, timely panel discussions about values and vocations, and the historic Beecher Lectures. In addition to our reunion class gatherings and dinner, there will be community lunches and an alumni awards presentation and dinner, where we will honor our own.

Thank you in advance for putting 2015 Convocation and Reunions on your calendars now and planning to join us. You’ll be happy you did!

If you're a member of a 2015 reunion class, we’d like to know more about your time at YDS. Please help us capture your era on the Quad by taking a moment to share some memories at our alumni survey.

Convocation & Reunions 2015


Classes celebrating reunions include:
1955 — 60th
1960 — 55th
1965 — 50th
1975 — 40th
1979, 1980 and 1981 Cluster Reunion
1990 — 25th
1999, 2000, and 2001 Cluster Reunion
2012 — 2015 Recent Grads Reunion

If you’d like to be involved in planning your class reunion, please e-mail

Who's attending?

Marjo Anderson '80 M.Div.

Jessica Anschutz

Patrick Asiedu

Susan Astarita '93 STM

Jan Attridge

Harold Attridge

Matt Banks '01 M.A.R.

Bruce Barth '65 M.Div.

William Bell '07 M.Div.

Barbara Blodgett '87 M.Div., '00 Ph.D.

Michelle Boomgaard '11 M.Div.

Damon Bradley B.D.

Alex Bugnon

Bob Cameron '81 M.Div.

Shaun Casey

Jennifer Chatfield '13 M.Div.

Michael Christensen '81 M.A.R.

Shannon Clarkson '78 M.Div.

Bennie Colclough '90 M.Div.

Angel Collie '14 M.Div.

Matthew Corkern '01 M.Div.

Sam Croll '75 M.A.R.

The Rt. Rev. Michael B. Curry '78 M.Div.

Randy Day '72 M.Div.

Liora Danan

Irena Delahunty '01 M.Div.

Anita Deters

Michal Beth Dinkler

Kaji Dousa

Ruth Drews '81 M.Div.

Worthy Durgin '75 M.Div.

Troy Elder '95 J.D., '13 M.A.R.

Darren Elin '98 M.Div.

Vanessa J. Falgoust '80 M.Div.

Thomas Ficklin '75 M.Div.

Laura Fitzpatrick-Nager '13 M.Div.

Zachary Fletcher '17 M.A.R.

June Fletcher-Hill '85 M.Div.

Kristin Foster '77 M.Div.

Gary Fountain '73 M.A.R.

Henry Freeman '75 M.Div.

Dahn Dean Gandell '95 M.Div.

John Gedrick '98 M.Div. 

Robert Goldstein 

Irene Goss-Werner '75 M.Div.

David J. Gouwens '73 M.Div., '74 S.T.M., '82 Ph.D.

Kathryn Greene-McCreight '88 M.Div., '89 S.T.M., '91 M.A., '92 M.Phil., '94 Ph.D.

Lynne Grifo '70 B.D., '72 S.T.M.

James Hackney

Scott Haight

Ted Halsted '56 M.Div.

Lee Hardgrove '76 M.Div.

Ronald Hiffman '15 STM

Linda Higgins '83 M.Div.

Ben Hill '02 M.A.R.

Tom Hogsten '00 M.Div.

Stephen Huber '98 M.Div.

Ronald R. Huffman '15 S.T.M.

Molly Field James '05 M.Div.

Anne Jensen '88 M.Div.

Steven Jones '75 M.Div.

David Kelsey '55 B.D., '60 M.A., '64 Ph.D.

Nancy Jo Kemper '67 B.D.

Michael S. Kendall '66 M.Div. General Seminary

Marilyn Kendrix '13 M.Div.

Zelda Kennedy '00 M.Div.

Charlotte Kinlock

Kristian Kohler '08 M.S., '08 M.Phil., '11 Ph.D.

Paul Kolbet '94 M.Div., '95 S.T.M.

Tom Krattenmaker

Dieter Kuchenbecker

Arthur Latimer '98 M.Div.

Kate Latimer '85 M.Div., '98 S.T.M.

Robert Laughton '17 M.Div.

Winn Legerton '75 M.Div.

Jo Leslie

John Linder

Robert Loesch '66 B.D.

Lee Longman 

William Longman '55 M.Div.

Mary-Carlton Lull '67 M.A.R.

Barbara Lundblad '79 M.Div.

Norman MacLeod 

David Mahan '95 M.A.R.

Alyce McKenzie

Will Mebane

Jamie Mills

Gigi Mooney '79 M.A.R, '83 S.T.M.

Susan Mostellar

Mary Clark Moschella

Philip Munztel '65 B.D.

Caroline Murphy '00 M.Div.

Maureen Murphy 

Kari Nicewander

Jennie Ott '06 M.Div.

Janet Parker '89 M.Div.

Allie Perry '80 M.Div.

Susan Pinkerton '08 M.Div. 

Timothy Poston '93 M.A.R.

Kristen Provost Switzer, '15 M.Div.

Randolph Purinton '84 M.Div.

Thayer Quoos '75 M.A.R.

Kwame Osei Reed '79 M.Div.

Wilma Reichard '77 M.A.R., '79 M.Div.

Richard Reifsnyder '71 M.Div.

Bill Ritter '65 M.Div.

Ellen Robbins '75 M.Div.

Constance Royster

George Rupp '67 B.D.

Omer Salem '13 M.A.R.

Janine Schenone '12 M.Div.

Bonnie Scott '69 M.A.R.

Martha Serpas '94 M.Div.

Paige Smith 

Carolyn Sharp

Timothy Sommer Seamans '13 M.Div.

Alen Sorem '66 M.Div. 

Rick Spalding '76 B.A., '81 M.Div.

Deke Spierling '68 S.T.M.

Anne Stanback '85 M.A.R.

Will Stanley '15 M.Div.

Craig Stenberg '75 M.Div.

Adrian Sterling 

Gregory Sterling 

David Stinson '75 M.Div.

Dana Stivers '14 M.Div.

James Swain, '57 M.Div.

Janice Touloukian '90 M.Div,

Anne Thatcher '14 M.Div.

Nora Tubbs Tisdale

Catherine Vincie '83 M.Div.

John C. Voss '75 M.Div.

Phyllis Wachter '01 M.Div.

Lauren Walling '01 M.A.R.

Kit Wang '84 M.Div.

Jean Webb

Bob Werner '75 M.Div.

Irene Werner '75 M.Div.

Philip Wiehe '75 M.Div., '76 S.T.M.

Kathy Williamson '15 M.Div. 

Lisa Zaina '13 M.Div.

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